"Pure, potent, and powerful - our kratom will exceed your expectations."

Indonesia Kratom Supplier

Join the thousand of satisfied customers who choose us as their go-to kratom supplier.

Kratomalogy Indonesia is an Indonesia kratom supplier since 2015 committed to providing the best quality mitragyna speciosa to the world's kratom market with integrity and professionalism.

 We exported kratom to the USA and Europe more than 500 Tons. Our team of experts works tirelessly to ensure that we're providing our customers with only the best Kratom products.

Kratomalogy Indonesia is constantly striving to ensure premium quality. This pursuit of quality extends to the management of our kratom processing in Indonesia for the world.


Kratom Maengda

Green / Red / White

$35 / 1000g

Kratom Bali

Green / Red / White

$35 / 1000g

Kratom Borneo

Green / Red / White

$35 / 1000g

Kratom Super

Green / Red / White

$40 / 1000g

Kratomalogy Indonesia

Jalan WR Supratman No.46 Putussibau Kota, Kalimantan Barat - Indonesia

+62 813 2000 5254 



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